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  JLY - Finnish Solid Waste Association  
JLY - Finnish Solid Waste Association
The Finnish Solid Waste Association, FSWA (fin, Jätelaitosyhdistys), represents Finnish regional and municipal waste management companies. The member companies take care of the waste management of over 5 million citizen (over 95 % of the total population).
FSWA is a connecting organization between the member companies, develops municipal waste management and secures a sound basis for the member companies' operations. The association strongly cooperates with authorities and participates in international networks.
The main activities of the FSWA are
  • development of legislation and authority regulations of the waste management in Finland and European Union
  • initiatives and statements of the topics concerning waste management operations
  • research and development in the field of waste management
  • publishing and advising in waste management matters
  • promoting the exchange of information and experience between members
  • organizing exhibitions and training
The FSWA takes an active role in raising the standard of waste management in Finland. The association co-operates actively with the related organizations, the research institutions and the environmental authorities. It advises legislators and policy-makers in questions concerning solid waste management.
The FSWA is a member of the MWE (Municipal Waste Europe) and ISWA (International Solid Waste Association).